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  1. Yvonne Miller in a written statement, insisted that her offer of blood samples was rejected as being of no interest, a claim contested by Cattanach.
  2. A report due next month from State Auditor Dale Cattanach is expected to be much more critical of the Board's management than the Price Waterhouse study.
  3. Investigators had no evidence the explosion was a terrorist act and did not believe the man and woman knew the device was in the car, Cattanach said.
  4. For his April 2007 album, " Fugitive Songs ", Jones worked with the Escape Committee ( Cattanach, Gionpriddo, and Moore ) again.
  5. Cattanach contacted Mair to inform her that Gucci might be carrying the harmful gene, hoping she would help with the problem but she did not believe him.


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