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  1. The Investment Board's reports don't carry as much weight with legislators as one by long-time State Auditor Dale Cattanach that's due in mid-July.
  2. Parents are able to pursue'wrongful birth'claims if the child ( disabled or not ) is the outcome of a negligently performed sterilisation procedure ( see Cattanach v Melchior ).
  3. The appeal of Cattanach and the State of Queensland to the Queensland Court of Appeal ( McMurdo P, Davies and Thomas JJA ) was dismissed by a majority, Thomas JA dissenting.
  4. Military personnel called to the scene in central Wisconsin found a second device in the car that did not explode, said Capt . Mark Cattanach of the Clark County Sheriff's Department.
  5. This effectively prevents a decision awarding the same damages that were awarded in Cattanach v Melchior being awarded again in Queensland-however, the amendment does not prevent a successful Wrongful Birth claim.


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