cell communicationの例文


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  1. Spokesmen for the two cellular companies servicing the Fort Davis region, Cellular One and Plateau Cellular, said the authorities have not asked them to cut cell communications ._
  2. These structures may be involved in cell-to-cell communication, transfer of nucleic acids between cells in a tissue, and the spread of pathogens or toxins such as HIV and prions.
  3. The zonula occludens and zonula adherens form a continuous belt around the cell that provides a barrier to paracellular transport and are thought to be important in cell-cell communication.
  4. T3 appears to be critical for the normal formation and growth of nerve cells, as well as the development of junctions between nerve cells ( synapses ) where cell-to-cell communication occurs.
  5. Composed of cellular membranes with multiple adhesive proteins on their surface, exosomes are known to specialize in cell cell communications and provide an exclusive approach for the delivery of various therapeutic agents to target cells.


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