cell communicationの例文


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  1. Rgp can inhibit IL-2 accumulation in T-cells, which enables it to evade the host adaptive immune response, by modulating T-cell communication and proliferation.
  2. The IFR on Cell Communication & Regulation on the " Cordeliers " campus specializes in the field of cell biology, nutrition and immunology.
  3. The ubiquitin ligase activity of DTX1 regulates the Notch Pathway, a signaling pathway that is associated with cell-cell communications that regulates cell-fate determination.
  4. On T FH cells, CD154 promotes B cell maturation and function by engaging CD40 on the B cell surface and therefore facilitating cell-cell communication.
  5. Research shows that the pathology of Alzheimer's Disease is associated with changes in all three systems, that is, nerve cell communication, metabolism and repair.


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