cell communicationの例文


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  1. The sugars that coat a cell play vital roles in cell communication, cell structure and cell identification _ a sort of molecular ZIP code.
  2. Neuronal NOS also performs a role in cell communication and is associated with plasma membranes . nNOS action can be inhibited by NPA ( N-propyl-L-arginine ).
  3. Their most recent work focuses on cytokines, molecules produced by white blood cells, and in particular interleukin 6, which plays a beneficial role in cell communication.
  4. It was suggested that vinnexins may function to alter gap junction proteins in infected host cells, possibly modifying cell-cell communication during encapsulation responses in parasitized insects.
  5. Another effort in this field is towards engineering multi-cellular systems by designing, e . g ., cell-to-cell communication modules used to coordinate living bacterial cell populations.


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