cell communicationの例文


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  1. Defects in TEK are associated with inherited venous malformations; the TEK signaling pathway appears to be critical for endothelial cell-smooth muscle cell communication in venous morphogenesis.
  2. The finding that choanoflagellates also have these genes is an incredible discovery because it was previously thought that only metazoans had genes responsible for cell-cell communication and aggregation.
  3. Stephan M . Feller ( Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford ) has been the editor-in-chief of " Cell Communication and Signaling " since April 2008.
  4. "' Signal transduction "'is the process by which a chemical or physical signal is transmitted through a cell as a cell communication in a wide variety of ways.
  5. In the meantime, Dennis J . Selkoe of Harvard was finding essentially the same thing _ chains of molecules, which he called protofibrils, that disrupted nerve cell communication.


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