cell communicationsの例文


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  1. Stimulation of the neuron that promotes LTP causes larger spine volume, increased cell communication, and a greater ratio of F-actin to G-actin.
  2. The ubiquitin ligase activity of DTX1 regulates the Notch Pathway, a signaling pathway that is associated with cell-cell communications that regulates cell-fate determination.
  3. Their most recent work focuses on cytokines, molecules produced by white blood cells, and in particular interleukin 6, which plays a beneficial role in cell communication.
  4. Research shows that the pathology of Alzheimer's Disease is associated with changes in all three systems, that is, nerve cell communication, metabolism and repair.
  5. It was suggested that vinnexins may function to alter gap junction proteins in infected host cells, possibly modifying cell-cell communication during encapsulation responses in parasitized insects.


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