cell communicationsの例文


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  1. Rgp can inhibit IL-2 accumulation in T-cells, which enables it to evade the host adaptive immune response, by modulating T-cell communication and proliferation.
  2. The zonula occludens and zonula adherens form a continuous belt around the cell that provides a barrier to paracellular transport and are thought to be important in cell-cell communication.
  3. Neuronal NOS also performs a role in cell communication and is associated with plasma membranes . nNOS action can be inhibited by NPA ( N-propyl-L-arginine ).
  4. In the field of molecular biology, the "'cAMP-dependent pathway "', also known as the "'signaling cascade used in cell communication.
  5. "' Signal transduction "'is the process by which a chemical or physical signal is transmitted through a cell as a cell communication in a wide variety of ways.


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