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  1. The MDAR activity has been described in several cell compartments, such as chloroplasts, cytosol, mitochondria, glyoxysomes, and leaf peroxisomes.
  2. ""'Candidatus Sulcia muellleri " "'is an mutualistic symbiotic microbe commonly found occupying specialized cell compartments of sap-feeding insects called bacteriocytes.
  3. Occasional racquet dehiscence in which the walls of cell compartments adjacent to conidia erode, freeing the conidia from attached hyphae.
  4. The BCR repertoire of the follicular B cell compartment also appears under positive selection pressures during final maturation in the spleen.
  5. Hence, there appears to be a role for self or foreign antigen in shaping the repertoire of the B-1 B cell compartment.


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