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  1. A variety of action potential types exist in many cell types and cell compartments as determined by the types of voltage-gated channels, leak channels, channel distributions, ionic concentrations, membrane capacitance, temperature, and other factors.
  2. Plants have an unusually complex complement of Trxs composed of six well-defined types ( Trxs f, m, x, y, h, and o ) that reside in different cell compartments and function in an array of processes.
  3. The assumption is that, under fluorescence microscopy, if the particular survivin complex is located in that particular cell compartment, one would observe an overlap from the fluorescence given off by the tagged survivin complex and the tagged compartment as well.
  4. She described the work as a " very important finding " because it nailed down the localization of the skin's stem cell compartment and also showed the stem cells in the bulge are pluripotent, meaning they can develop either into hair cells or skin cells.


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