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  1. He said he was unaware of the details of the agreement between Daewoo and GM, and declined to say how much of the charter capital the American company is putting up.
  2. However, Onexim disqualified Rossiiski Kredit's bid on the basis that the bid amount exceeded Rossiiski Kredit's charter capital ( the nominal value of its outstanding shares ).
  3. At the same time Stepanov, head of both companies, positions liquid assets which Atommash OJSC contributed to the charter capital of EMK-Atommash JSC as long-term investments.
  4. Management personnel have to disclose details of their and their related parties'ownership interests in other enterprises; the latter applies where the related-party holds more than 35 % of charter capital.
  5. "The Basle framework is largely in place with one difference-- Russian commercial banks can only attract private deposits up to an amount not exceeding their charter capital, " he said.


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