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  1. Furthermore, a private limited company can collectively or individually hold at least a 10 % interest in the company s charter capital, and it does not have the power to request a court expel another participant.
  2. In the agreement, which Ukrainian officials said would take effect upon passage of the law, Daewoo pledges to put dlrs 150 million in charter capital, and envisions an investment of dlrs 1.3 billion in six years.
  3. Direct investments, including stakes in charter capital and loans from foreign co-owners, amounted to dlrs 1.2 billion and other investments, mainly trade credits and bank deposits, totaled dlrs 3.3 billion, it said.
  4. The agency will need more than 100 billion rubles ( more than dlrs 4 billion ) to carry out the restructuring, and has received only 10 billion rubles ( about dlrs 400 million ) in charter capital, said Alexander Turbanov, the head of the agency.
  5. In 2007-2011, gradually increasing the Charter Capital of the Bank, the major shareholder TDA Holdings Limited increased its equity participation up to 99.9988997 % Today, the Bank exceeds the minimum prudential capital standard of AMD 5 billion established by the Central Bank of Armenia.


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