charter citiesの例文


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  1. On August 24, 1962, Palmdale became the first community in the Antelope Valley to incorporate . 47 years later, in November 2009, voters approved making it a charter city.
  2. After a meeting of Romer with president Marc Ravalomanana, Madagascar considered creating two charter cities, but the plan was scrapped when the political leadership that supported the idea was removed from power.
  3. Thus, rather than using the traditional tax on both property and land, charter cities may use land value taxation, which taxes only the value of land, thus not providing disincentives for development.
  4. In California, by contrast, the pertinent statutes of the Government Code clarify that " town " is simply another word for " city ", especially a general law city as distinct from a charter city.
  5. Along with the Sacramento, Portland was one of two charter cities that had a team in the PCL ( as of the 2010 season ), the other cities having been taken over by Major League Baseball franchises.


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