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  1. Crystal, who had been considered the front runner for the post, resigned as chairman of R . H . Macy & Co . product development and specialty stores such as Aeropostale and Charter Club as of July 31.
  2. "We recommend first, buy a good used boat, " said Anthony Sandberg, president of OCSC, a charter club in Berkeley, Calif . " Now there's some chance of making money ."
  3. FC Dallas also joins San Jose, which changed from the Clash to the Earthquakes in 2000, and Kansas City, which went from the Wiz to Wizards after one season, as charter clubs that have discontinued their original names and logos.
  4. Initially based in Sarasota, Florida, it was a member of the short-lived Sarasota Rookie League ( 1964 ) and Florida Rookie League ( 1965 ), and was a charter club in the Gulf Coast League when it formed in 1966.
  5. Generally, each of the charter clubs holds their own championship shoot and reports the results of the shoot to the NMLRA . For a complete listing of all clubs, groups, and associations chartered by the NMLRA follow this link : NMLRA Chartered Clubs.


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