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  1. The actors Jimmy Stewart and David Duchovny were members of the Charter Club, and the actors Dean Cain and Brooke Shields were members of Cap and Gown.
  2. There are 114 Aeropostale stores and 39 Charter Club stores operating in 22 states and Washington, D . C . The stores are found mostly in shopping malls.
  3. The franchise began play in 1996, as one of the ten charter clubs of MLS . Prior to 2005, the club was known as the Dallas Burn.
  4. The center-left goes into the election with some solid economic accomplishments, among them guiding Italy into the charter club of the common European currency, the euro.
  5. The company said today it will keep its Aeropostale and Charter Club chains, eight months after the retailer said it was exploring a possible sale of the specialty clothing stores.


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