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  1. The center-left boasted during the campaign of having guided Italy, through restrained spending, into the charter club of countries using the new common currency, the euro.
  2. Like all charter clubs at the college, the paper's budget is determined annually by an elected student body, and cannot be reduced during the biannual budget forum.
  3. Charter Club used to be " sign-in ", but changed to a system where new members are chosen through a system of points accumulated through participating in club activities.
  4. Federated Department Stores Inc . said it will keep its Aeropostale and Charter Club chains, eight months after the retailer said it was exploring a possible sale of the specialty clothing stores.
  5. Aeropostale and Charter Club, acquired when Federated bought R . H . Macy & Co . in December 1994, are Cincinnati-based Federated's only specialty chains.


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