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  1. Harry I . Schenck was a charter club member . " Architectural Record " ( in volume 45 ) included a long article about the club and its building, including a photograph and floor plans.
  2. The finished pieces are inspected, packaged and boxed in-house; they ship to Nordstrom nationwide, Macy's West Coast, Federated's private Charter Club label and to 500 boutiques across the country.
  3. Some are specific to particular clubs; these are usually themed parties, such as Blackout at Charter Club, Tower Underground at Tower Club, Shit that Glows at Quadrangle Club, and State Night at Tiger Inn.
  4. There are 98 Aeropostale stores and 30 Charter Clubs, operating in 20 states and Washington D . C . The chains had combined sales of $ 128.4 million last year, when they were units of Macy.
  5. Store catalogs underscore the trend, including the recent fall catalog for Macy's in which its private-label brands like Alfani and Charter Club have layouts alongside big designer names like BCBG Max Azria and Liz Claiborne.


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