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  1. In early 1795, the Board of Regents found before them two petitions to charter colleges : Union College in Schenectady ( the first time the name " Union " appears ), and Albany College in Albany.
  2. And Assemblyman Edward C . Sullivan of Manhattan, who is chairman of the Assembly's higher education committee, called charter colleges " a crazy idea " offered by people who want to cut taxes and shrink government.
  3. The Charter College of Education has awarded more teaching credentials in the state of California than any other public institution, and includes an innovative baccalaureate degree program in Urban Learning designed to train teachers for the specific demands of urban schools.
  4. Anchorage has four higher-education facilities that offer bachelor's or master's degrees : the University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Pacific University, Charter College, and the Anchorage campus of Texas-based Wayland Baptist University.
  5. More than 140 people, including presidents of a number of SUNY and CUNY campuses and some trustees and administrators, have signed up to attend a forum on charter colleges the foundation is sponsoring Monday at the University Club in New York City.


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