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  1. The structure of the charter committee has raised some concerns that a political or special-interest group could gain control and impose its own agenda on the charter process.
  2. Depending on what the charter committee writes, a charter could give the county regional authority over cities and towns on such issues as air pollution, groundwater contamination, transportation and freeway construction.
  3. During World War II she chaired the Advisory Council of the navy's women's unit, the WAVES and following the war she was appointed to the United Nations Charter Committee.
  4. Before his time on the City Council, Bortz served on the Charter Committee Board since 1997, as well as the Cincinnati Electoral Reform Commission, a panel created to study Cincinnati government.
  5. In the mid-1960s, Geoff McGeary and his closest competitor Mayer Page of Melbourne Motor Coaches, were elected to the charter committee of the Road Passenger Service Operator's Association.


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