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  1. In 1924, the " Post " was the only Cincinnati daily that endorsed a new municipal charter based on the Charter Committee to power and led to the demise of political machines in Cincinnati.
  2. This prestige allowed Mitchell access to both the regional council of the U . S . Railroad Administration in 1919, and then he served as chairman of the Citizens Charter Committee of St . Paul in 1922.
  3. It also would allow the charter committee to restructure county government to make it operate more efficiently by drawing the clear lines of authority, and having three separate branches of county government to act as checks and balances.
  4. After winning, one of Lastman's first acts was to appoint Jane Jacobs to the City's Charter Committee which was seeking additional powers for the City ( taking them from the province of Ontario ).
  5. Harman was resumption of Cash Payments, in 1819; on the Bank Charter Committee, in 1832 which formed the basis for the Bank of England's Bank Charter Act of 1833; and on other investigations of similar character and importance.


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