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  1. Lastman shared Gomberg's three main campaign planks : committing Toronto to 100 % recycling diversion by 2010 to replace the controversial Adams Mine plan, agreeing with Prime Minister Jean Chr閠ien to end homelessness in Toronto, and appointing Jane Jacobs, the ethicist and urbanist, to head the Toronto Charter Committee to explore the potential for more autonomy for Toronto.
  2. The Committee elected Mr Z . K . Matthews as Chairman and Mr L . T . Mtimkulu as Secretary, and a Sub-Committee consisting of Messrs . S . B . Ngcobo, M . L . Kabane and J . M . Nhlapo, with the chairman and the secretary as ex officio members, to draft the findings of the Atlantic Charter Committee.
  3. Shortly after the announcement in Santo Domingo, Little League Baseball's seven-member charter committee met in Williamsport, Pa ., and voted unanimously to forfeit all victories this year by the Rolando Paulino All-Stars, including championship titles in district, sectional and regional tournaments, and the team's third-place finish in the Little League World Series last weekend.
  4. In the Korean community he was recognized as a leader by his election as President of the National Association of Korean American U . M . Churches, and President of the Council of Korean Churches of Greater New York . e worked with the Northeastern Jurisdiction Multi-Ethnic Center : on the Charter Committee and then as a member of the Board of Directors, serving as President 1988 92.


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