charter contractの例文


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  1. Investigators have discovered another memo, written nine days after Clinton's Inauguration, that lays out an ambitious campaign by some Clinton friends _ Harry Thomason and his partner, Darnell Martens _ to become official White House advisers on aviation policy as well as win lucrative air-charter contracts from the government.
  2. The assets comprise a 51 per cent stake in Asia LNG Transport Sdn Bhd ( two LNG tankers ), a 51 per cent stake in Asia LNG Transport Dua Sdn Bhd ( one new LNG tanker ), nine vessels and two new vessels with charter contracts and shipping loans attached.
  3. Pursuant to the terms of the alliance, Prima Shipmanagement Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary company of HMB, was appointed as the sole manager of MV DSR-America; and PSSB and JSSB entered into time charter contracts with DSEN for a period of 7 years form the date of the purchase of the vessel.
  4. The charter contracts for both the " Regina " and " Aallotar " included a purchase options, but although a Memorandum of Agreement about the sale of both ships had been signed in November and December 1978, respectively, in the end Polferries decided to purchase the " Aallotar " but not the " Regina ".
  5. There have been rumors that as a result Vale intends to sell or lease its planned fleet of " Valemax " bulk carriers to Chinese shipping companies with long-term charter contracts to avoid such criticism and allow the ships to enter Chinese ports, but no " Valemax " ship has changed owners, although several have been chartered to other companies and changed their names.


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