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  1. Some charter schools, because they have no facilities or have yet to have their charter contracts signed by the state, have been unable to advertise for students.
  2. During that time, Air Charter acquired several Avro York and Avro Tudor aircraft as freighters, mainly for use on freight charter contracts awarded by the War Office.
  3. Channel Airways's collapse in early 1972 provided the impetus for Dan-Air to take over the failed carrier's charter contracts and to expand its own operations at Tegel.
  4. The acquisition includes benefits, rights and interests in and to nine shipping vessels and two newbuilts owned by PNSL Bhd, together with the charter contracts and shipping loans.
  5. The company had charter contracts with Caesars Entertainment to ferry customers to Caesars casino properties through Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Laughlin / Bullhead International Airport and Tunica Municipal Airport.


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