charter contractsの例文


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  1. The first was whether the " expected readiness " clause was a condition of which the owners were in breach, entitling the charterers to terminate the charter contract.
  2. After the IRO charter contracts ended in 1952, Castelbianco and Castelverde were extensively rebuilt and used to carry emigrants, initially from Europe to Central America, later from Europe to Australia.
  3. Then the airline lost most of its medium-range charter contracts and the service problems that followed forced the travel operators to withdraw their contracts, hence, Excalibur shut down in June 1996.
  4. ""'Bellona " "'was a three-decker merchantman that made four voyages for the British East India Company ( EIC ) as an " extra ship ", that is, on a charter contract.
  5. Though the bulk of the company s work was still in bus charter contracts at the start of the 1970s, Australian Pacific Coaches were increasingly turning their attention to extended touring.


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