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  1. It currently operates fly-in fly-out mining charter contracts and also operates a Beechcraft Super King Air and a WA . Purpose built patient transfer facilities are being constructed as part of the 2010 terminal upgrade.
  2. Laker Airways's decision to replace its Tegel-based BAC One-Eleven fleet with one of its newly acquired Monarch Airlines taking over that airline's long-standing charter contract with Flug-Union Berlin, one of West Berlin's leading contemporary tour operators.
  3. In May, when the conversion was complete, " Bretagne " sailed to Boston under a new sub-charter contract with Caribbean Cruise Line to begin cruise ship service between New England and the Caribbean on 9 June 1961.
  4. The charter contract also included an option for Larvik Line to buy the ship, but they decided not to use it and at the end of the charter the " Thor Heyerdahl " was laid up in Gothenburg.
  5. In his opinion, Taney argued that the case was strictly about interpretation of contract, and that the charter contract should be interpreted as narrowly as possible, which meant that the Charles River Bridge did not have exclusive rights.


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