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  1. The first charter laws were passed in Minnesota and California in 1991; since then, the movement has blossomed, with its own think tanks, symposiums, Web sites and committed legislators and governors _ as well as, of course, its own pantheon of rugged pioneers.
  2. Kranzb黨ler believed that the London Charter laws, which applied before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg and were based on discussions between the four occupying powers in August 1945, were merely conceived to bring certain defendants to prosecution and conviction that could not have been tried under any existing international practice.
  3. Sisulu will be in a school building owned by the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem, at 115th Street between St . Nicholas and Lenox Avenues, but officials said that in accordance with the charter law, no religious instruction would be given, and that the church would be only a landlord.
  4. Effective as of July 1, 1954, the voters of the city of Newark, by a referendum held on November 3, 1953 and under the Optional Municipal Charter Law ( commonly known as the Faulkner Act ), adopted the Faulkner Act ( Mayor-Council ) Plan C as the form of local government.
  5. The Assembly further adopted the Optional Third Class City Charter Law in 1957, and in 1968, the new Constitution declared " Municipalities shall have the right and power to frame and adopt home rule charters . " The new Home Rule Charter and Optional Plans Law, creating that right in the statutes of the Commonwealth, was passed in 1972.


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