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  1. Zsa Zsa Addison, office manager at Hogan Preparatory Academy, said students from Catholic grade schools and other area high schools were flocking to the new charter program.
  2. It is a bit like owning a vacation home and renting it out to help pay the mortgage, but the charter programs do most of the work and keep part of the revenue.
  3. One social studies teacher who asked that her name not be used said that as a member of the teachers union she agreed to teach in the Dunbar charter program after some hesitation.
  4. Under bareboat charter program, the charterer or the lessee has complete possession and control of the ship, including the right to appoint the master and crew of the ship for the duration of the lease.
  5. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources ( BFAR ) has proposed a general memorandum order regarding the guidelines on the accreditation of foreign fishing vessels to operate in international waters under the bareboat charter program.


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