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  1. "It is very encouraging now to see the movement supporting children and supporting women as parents, and recognizing the vulnerability of families in the aftermath " of violence, said Carrie Pekor Jasper, director of Project We Can Talk About It, a domestic violence clinic at the Children's Charter Program in Waltham, Mass.
  2. Boat owners say charter programs can be a good deal, but only for the right person : someone who could afford the boat without the charter income, which could fall well short of expectations; who can get four to six weeks of vacation a year, and who can afford to fly often.
  3. Later, in May 2008, VistaJet announced an order for 11 Bombardier Learjet 85 aircraft, along with 11 Challenger 605 and 13 Learjet 60 XR aircraft . In addition to the aircraft order the company also acquired Bombardier Skyjet International, Bombardier's charter program, making VistaJet the third largest business jet management company outside of North America.


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