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  1. Charter public schools are open to all students, must follow all health, safety and civil rights laws, and cannot charge tuition or have a religious affiliation.
  2. Students who live in Yarmouth may also attend Cape Cod Regional Technical High School in Harwich or Sturgis Charter Public School in Hyannis; both for grades 9-12.
  3. High-school students who live in Provincetown are now redistricted to attend Nauset Regional High School, Sturgis Charter Public School, or Cape Cod Regional Technical High School.
  4. LA's Promise is one of the first nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles to operate a non-charter public school with the opening of West Adams Prep in 2007.
  5. In 2004, the Sturgis board changed the school's name to " Sturgis Charter Public School, " in keeping with a public relations initiative of the Massachusetts Charter School Association.


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