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  1. LA's Promise's first school, West Adams Preparatory High School, is applauded as a new model for non-charter public schools because of its unique programs and student culture.
  2. "' Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School "'is a public charter school in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, United States, which serves students from grades five through twelve.
  3. Earlier Friday, the House voted 367-57 to pass a bipartisan bill for spending $ 100 million to help create charter public schools, which operate mostly free of the rules that apply to traditional public schools.
  4. The "'Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School "'( BART ), located in public school for middle and high school students in Northern Berkshire County, open to students in 6th through 12th grade.
  5. Charter schools may provide a specialized curriculum ( for example in arts, mathematics, or vocational training ), however others aim to provide a better and more cost-efficient general education than nearby non-charter public schools.


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