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  1. By 2008 it was reported that the school had some 6, 000 students on its waiting list and that its students were scoring far above the students at the neighboring non-charter public schools on California's Academic Performance Index.
  2. "' KIPP : Delta Public Schools "'is the charter public school district supported by the Knowledge Is Power Program ( KIPP ) based in Helena West Helena, Arkansas, USA . The system consists of three schools in Mississippi County.
  3. He said the survey of 110 charter public schools in seven states that have 27, 500 students found that the most frequently cited academic focus for the schools was " integrated interdisciplinary curriculum, " followed by " technology " and " back to basics ."
  4. Hi everyone, I have on a question to ask on behalf of the 9th grade mathematics class at Four Rivers Charter Public School in Greenfield, MA . Our teacher has given us a math assessment dealing with Quadratic Equations, and one of our options for presenting our work was to submit it as an article here.
  5. The Senate also passed several other measures that have been linked in negotiations to the salary bill, The measures would allow the creation of so-called charter public schools in the state, which would be independent from local school bureaucracies; end tenure for public school principals, which would largely affect New York City, and stiffen penalties for school violence.


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