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  1. The report noted fierce competition in the world's shipping industry, saying charter rates are already at an all-time low and the Asian crisis possibly signaling that they will fall even further.
  2. Lord Hoffmann ( with whom Lord Hope gave a concurring judgment ) noted that it had always been assumed that damages for late delivery were the difference between market and charter rate.
  3. The Moorings estimates that the boat would generate $ 1, 708 a month in charter revenue the first year, rising to $ 1, 978 a month the fourth year, as charter rates increase.
  4. Transactions in shipping are normally quoted in US dollars-from the cost of the vessel itself, charter rates, freight rates, bunkers ( ship fuel ), spare parts, salaries for foreign officers, lubricants and stores.
  5. In 1944 the five vessels were noted as being unique in the commercial shipping world as described in a decision by the Comptroller General of the United States concerning issues in setting wartime charter rates.


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