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  1. Evan Thomas, Radcliffe obtained 6 of these vessels together with the " Samskern " a vessel lent to the Ministry of War Transport under the Lease-Lend system at a charter rate of a dollar a year.
  2. Shipowners are saying, however, that the cost of the added coverage is being passed along in the form of higher charter rates, which in the last week have risen 10 percent to 15 percent on many ships.
  3. Dan-Air and Britannia Airways, the UK's leading charter airlines, feared that without reciprocal foreign regulatory approvals Laker would be forced to dump this additional widebody capacity on the European charter market, creating excess capacity that would collapse charter rates.
  4. Bauer said that while he was unfamiliar with the document, he believed it reflected a narrow question about whether it was legal to pay commercial rather than charter rates when flying near but not exactly from a city served by commercial airlines.
  5. Koh said, adding that tanker charter rates tracked by the agency rose to more than US $ 15, 000 a day in the first half of 1995 and are now hovering between US $ 20, 000 and US $ 25, 000 a day.


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