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  1. The charter rate for very large crude carriers, which carry two million barrels of oil, had peaked at $ 309, 601 per day in 2007, and has dropped, as of 2012, to $ 7, 085 per day, far below the operating costs of these ships.
  2. "( Specter ) should not be allowed to circumvent the requirements of ( election law ) by paying less than the normal and usual charter rate Koro charged other customers, " the FEC said in its report, which came out of a normal audit for all presidential campaigns.
  3. The average one-year time charter rate for a 5-year-old tanker of 280, 000 metric tons of deadweight varied from $ 56, 500 per day in December 2005 to $ 53, 000 per day in September 2007 with a high of $ 64, 500 per day in September 2006.
  4. Very large crude carrier charter rates " are rising, and people are looking at the firmer tanker rates and the possibility that there may be some upside for Keppel and Sembawang, " said Siow Sok Chuang, head of research at Lum Chang Securities Pte ., a Singapore stock brokerage.
  5. When Americans offered military aircraft to ferry soldiers from other nations to Sierra Leone, the Pentagon's charter rates for the job _ based on a complicated formula involving not only the cost of the plane but the numbers of passengers allowed on each flight given conditions in Freetown _ were far higher than those of commercial airlines or private charter companies, officials said.


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