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  1. Many of the other Lots adjoin the Turnpike Road, and are very eligible as building ground, and the whole Estate is well circumstanced with regard to roads and navigable canals.
  2. The pseudonymous Federal Farmer defended the proposed unitary executive, arguing that " a single man seems to be peculiarly well circumstanced to superintend the execution of laws with discernment and decision, with promptitude and uniformity ."
  3. "I am one of those who have been so fortunately circumstanced that I have had the opportunity to study the way in which these things come about in complete disconnection from them, and I do not suspect that any man has deliberately planned the system.
  4. England is a great and powerful nation, independent of auxiliary and foremost in human progress, enemy to despotism, the only safe refuge of the exile, friend of the oppressed, but if ever England, your native country, should be so circumstanced as to require the help of an ally, cursed be that Italian who would not step forward with me in her defence.
  5. A reviewer in " The Sydney Morning Herald " was equally as scathing : " To be entirely devoid of imagination is bad, although the persons so circumstanced are generally ignorant of their misfortune; but it is not so bad as to possess an imagination which submits to no control-a fancy which, once fairly started, revels in a phantasmagoria of incredibilities ."


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