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  1. In view of the foregoing, it seems clear that New York does not treat similarly circumstanced persons alike : those in the final stages of terminal illness who are on life-support systems are allowed to hasten their deaths by directing the removal of such systems; but those who are similarly situated, except for the previous attachment of life-sustaining equipment, are not allowed to hasten death by self-administering prescribed drugs . . ..
  2. :a wet heavy bad country very disadvantageously circumstanced respecting roads, for every way around they are almost impassable . . . after inclosing fell into bad hands, they laid much of it down to grass in as bad order as possible, and it has continued so ever since in as rough and ill conditioned and unprofitable a state as can be well conceived . . . It should seem that corn has there been lessened without making amends for the loss by ample products of new grass.
  3. Vasantha Nair : The National Commission held that paid Medical Services are covered under the cpa Rs1, 000 crore Consumer Welfare Fund set up by prime minister Narasimha Rao ( from excise tax proceeds ) 1993 The cpa was amended to provide that even one single consumer can " espouse the cause of numerous other similarly circumstanced consumers, " meaning that even if other consumers suffering from the same injustice are not complainents in a specific case, they are still entitled to similar compensations Neela Raje v / s.


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