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  1. In Soviet times, I clocked in and clocked out just like a robot, " said Nikolai Kondratiev, 45, a metal worker.
  2. The system automatically logged you off of a computer when you'clocked out'of the work area, which meant less wastage and stricter security.
  3. Of more recent times is the delightful inscription on the grave of Lorraine Borrell : " " my time is up, I ve been clocked out.
  4. In the four-week trial, dozens of Wal-Mart workers testified that under pressure from their managers they frequently clocked out after 40 hours but continued working.
  5. He clocked out for the last time in a simple ceremony attended by ACA director-general Datuk Shafee Yahya, his deputy ( operations ) Datuk Mohd Nawawi Mohd Nordin and other personnel.


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