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  1. _Former employees at stores in California, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, Oregon and Washington said that many evenings when their stores closed, managers locked the front door and prevented workers from leaving _ even those who had clocked out _ until everyone finished straightening the store.
  2. Katherine Kollias, the matronly Greek guide who insists on giving you a tour of the grounds after she has clocked out for the day, smiles when you mention this . " It's the magic of this place, " she says . " In case you feel frustrated or sad . . . the magic will make you feel optimistic ."
  3. "As we started to walk to the time clock ( she ) grabbed my arm and started to cry and said that Kobe Bryant choked her, " Pietrack wrote in a police statement . " After we clocked out, I asked her to tell me everything, and that is when she told me that Kobe Bryant had forced sex with her ."
  4. Payne said that when he clocked out at 11 p . m ., the manager told him to stay . " I'd be clocking out, and he'd point out all this stuff, saying,'This isn't done, and if you leave before this is done, you won't have a job Monday morning, "'Payne said . " It happened almost every night.
  5. In early computers, shift registers were used to handle data processing : two numbers to be added were stored in two shift registers and clocked out into an arithmetic and logic unit ( ALU ) with the result being fed back to the input of one of the shift registers ( the accumulator ) which was one bit longer since binary addition can only result in an answer that is the same size or one bit longer.


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