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  1. Efforts have also been undertaken to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of converting warhead plutonium into fuel to augment nuclear fuel for U . S . power plants.
  2. Alternatively, a demonstration plant, which is bigger than a pilot plant, but smaller than the full-scale production plant, may be built to demonstrate the commercial feasibility of the process.
  3. The World Bank may provide US $ 5 million for the new projects from its Global Environment Fund, for which socio-economic survey and commercial feasibility study are already under preparation.
  4. In 2000 and 2001, Boeing Phantom Works, with a grant from NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, performed a detailed study of the engineering and commercial feasibility of various skyhook designs.
  5. With the discontinuation of the tax incentives in 1988, plantation establishment in Brazil has slowed although the commercial feasibility of using eucalyptus for energy and other products has been clearly demonstrated.


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