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  1. In 1858, he became a chemist for the Connecticut Agricultural Society, in which capacity he issued an important series of papers on commercial fertilizers and allied subjects.
  2. His cheeses are state-certified organic, which means his cattle feed is herbicide-and pesticide-free and grown without commercial fertilizers, and his herd is not treated with antibiotics or hormones.
  3. The use of commercial fertilizers has increased steadily in the last 50 years, rising almost 20-fold to the current rate of 100 million tonnes of nitrogen per year.
  4. Natural bacterial action is enhanced through occasional addition of commercial fertilizers, monthly tilling ( to add oxygen ), and watering ( to maintain 10 15 % moisture content ).
  5. Give them a side dressing of compost in mid-spring and a small amount of balanced commercial fertilizer _ or more composted manure _ when you are almost done harvesting.


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