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  1. Give them a side dressing of compost in midspring and a small amount of balanced commercial fertilizer _ or more composted manure _ when you are almost done harvesting.
  2. Legislation passed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly during the period included the Commercial Fertilizer Law of 1879, the Butter and Cheese Act of 1883, and the Animal Disease Control Law of 1887.
  3. Unlike other varieies that rely on synthetic commercial fertilizer to grow healthy, it is rare breed of rice thrives only rainwater and natural features to make it a favorite food for consumers .<
  4. But with the coming of the Westerners who brought with them modern technologies, the farmers of Banayoyo have already adopted semi-mechanized methods of farming like the use of tractors, threshers, commercial fertilizers, etc.
  5. Rather than using chemical pesticides, herbicides, and most commercial fertilizers; the farmers use an understanding of natural ecosystems including pest-plant relationships and soil management techniques such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and inter-planting.


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