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  1. Therefore , you may become hakkotsu in the evening even if you have a florid complexion in the morning .
  2. One day when sakuwan was taking a walk around a temple nearby , a pair of fair complexioned man and a dark complexioned man accosted him .
  3. He had a dark complexion and was physically strong , and it is said that he competed in sumo wrestling with a sekitori (a sumo wrestler ranked in the top two divisions ) on the order of his father mitsusada .
  4. When sakuan asked what their names were , the dark complexioned man answered ' i am chigen living in the mountain ' and the fair complexioned man answered ' i am chihaku living near the ocean ' , and they had disappeared since .
  5. There is another legend that his death in 1189 (or 1190 ) was disguised to facilitate his escape from yoritomo ' s purge , and that the reason for his becoming a priest was that his complexion had changed due to hansen ' s disease .


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