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  1. His nickname was " hanashin " because of his characteristic nose , and his tall stature , white complexion and large eyes caused him to be mistakenly identified as a european by his instructor , klemens wilhelm jacob meckel , while he was a student in the army college .
  2. Because he was a tall (for that time ), handsome man with a fair complexion and firm features he was very popular among ladies; when he was acting as the vice commander of shinsen-gumi in kyoto he sent to his colleagues in hino a bundle of love letters he had received from many women so as to boast his popularity .
  3. Compared with other daruma dolls , they have facial features , ' fair complexion ,' ' high nasal height ,' and ' auspicious expression ,' and are shipped all around the nation , especially throughout the kanto region including kawasaki-daishi temple , and taishakuten temple , known by the name of ' koshigaya daruma .'
  4. " above all , mr . hattori ' s death was most impressive . … he lay towards his enemy with swords in his both hands , his arms and legs outstretched . … he was dead , bleeding from more than twenty wounds at his head , shoulder , both arms and stomach , and his complexion still looked alive " (testimony of masatake koyama , a statesman of the kuwana clan , who witnessed the scene after the incident ).
  5. The way he danced the seigaiha play was described in detail in diaries including " gyokuyo " (kanezane kujo ' s diary ) and " angen onga no nikki " (the record of the ceremony celebrating cloistered emperor goshirakawa ' s 50th birthday ), where fujiwara no takafusa , who attended the ceremony , describes the scene as ' koremori comes out and dances a rakuson dragon dance in the iriaya style , wearing a blue uenokinu coat and an uenohakama kilt that matched his complexion , his expression , and his aura , which filled the atmosphere and fascinated the audience; the beauty and magnificence of his dance was no less than those of the cherry blossoms he was wearing .'


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