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  1. But some conventionally grown and processed foods tend to have higher levels of toxins than others do, and those toxins have a greater effect on a child's small body.
  2. Yet an organic label has long been a selling point for shoppers who want to support more environmentally friendly agriculture or to buy produce with lower levels of pesticides than conventionally grown.
  3. Levitt said, adding that under the new rules, " FDA would make a judgment that the new product derived through biotechnology is as safe as its conventionally grown counterpart ."
  4. In January 2007 Miliband sparked minor controversy by saying there was no evidence organic food was better than conventionally grown produce, though he later clarified that he was referring specifically to health benefits.
  5. On the other hand " organic " in the context of organic farming is a too-narrow restriction on compostables-most conventionally grown fruits and vegetables are perfectly fine for the compost.


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