county agentの例文


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  1. Some ranchers are paying $ 1, 600 in transportation costs for hauling a single truckload of hay out of Colorado, said county agent Shannon DeForest in Hallettsville.
  2. "I see a possibility that production will be off 20 to 40 percent next year, " said Mitchell Smith, the Pitt County agent for the state Cooperative Extension Service.
  3. Fort Bend County, with more than 60, 000 acres of cotton, has good prospects " if we don't get flooded out, " said county agent Jeff Stapper of Rosenberg.
  4. But the sprawling flat fields in the vicinity of Corpus Christi, containing more than 100, 000 acres in Nueces and San Patricio counties, don't impress county agent Harvey Buehring of Robstown.
  5. "There has been opposition to using county money for this, but this doesn't come from the county budget, " says board Vice Chairman James Pinion, a county agent for the Alabama Extension Service.


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