county aldermanの例文


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  1. Northampton, who was a major landowner in Clerkenwell and north London, was elected a founder member of London County Council for Finsbury in 1889, then served as County Alderman from 1892 to 1895.
  2. On moving to England he had become one of East Finsbury's member of London County Council, on which he served from 1910 to 1919 as a Councillor before becoming a County Alderman from 1919 to 1922.
  3. He entered politics in 1919 when he was elected to Surrey County Council, later becoming a county alderman, vice-chairman in 1939-1940 and was elected chairman of the council two months before his death.
  4. After retiring from the navy for a second time, Bevan served as a Deputy Lieutenant for Gloucestershire in 1946, and became a County Councillor for the county in 1949 . He was made a County Alderman in 1952.
  5. In 1893 he succeeded his father at Eyke . He was on the East Suffolk Education Committee from 1903;; Rural Dean of Wilford from 1912; a County Councillor from 1913; and a County Alderman from 1921.


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