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  1. Within months of Clanny's demonstration of his first lamp, two improved designs had been announced : one by George Stephenson, which later became the Geordie lamp, and the Davy lamp, invented by Sir Humphry Davy.
  2. The Davy lamp could also detect high levels of blackdamp ( which sinks, and collects near the floor ) by burning less brightly, while methane, another suffocating gas and explosion risk, would make the lamp burn more brightly.
  3. In 2016, The Royal Institution of Great Britain, where the Davy Lamp prototype is displayed, decided to have the life-saving invention 3D scanned, reverse engineered and presented to the museum visitors in a more accessible digital format via a virtual reality cabinet.
  4. In his book'George and Robert Stephenson,'the author L . T . C . Rolt relates that opinion varied about the two lamps efficiency; that the Davy Lamp gave more light, but the Geordie Lamp was thought to be safer in a more gaseous atmosphere.
  5. The coroner reporting to the House of Commons adjudged that : " the result of this inquiry is a further proof, if further proof were needed, that the Davy lamp affords no security whatever . . . and that its employment . . . ought to be absolutely prohibited " . }}


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