deletion 意味

発音記号: [ di'li:ʃən ]発音を聞く   deletionの例文


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  1. But if these deletions or amplifications occurred in the wrong gene
  2. They have their reasons but usually a program chooses exile when it faces deletion .
    理由はそれぞれだけど... 消去を逃れようと 流浪のプログラムになるの
  3. Yeah . there's no mysterious deletions from his hard drive , no unusual activity , nothing in his phone records , either .
    HDの怪しい削除や 不審な電話も何もない
  4. In fact , akutagawa had to make many revisions , additions and deletions to his novels due to the inspection conducted by the army .
  5. A careless mistake in forgetting deletion may be acceptable , but it was not understandable that the tai sui article was erased from where it could be left untouched .
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