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  1. "When I started working here two years ago, I saw about six patients a day, " said Pauline Merz, a Piedmont radiologic technologist who specializes in the field called bone densitometry.
  2. Densitometry results of LGR5 expression by western blotting in the different cell lines showed that high LGR5 expression levels were apparent in BHK, AGS, VERO and NIH3T3 cell lines compared with the other cell lines.
  3. "The acquisition of FluoroScan is a first step in Hologic's strategy to diversify its product offering beyond bone densitometry, " said S . David Ellenbogen, Hologic's chairman and chief executive.
  4. The ISCD states that there is no clearly understood correlation between BMD and the risk of a child's suffering a fracture; the diagnosis of osteoporosis in children cannot be made using the basis of a densitometry criteria.
  5. The selection of these reference genes was traditionally carried out in molecular biology using qualitative or semi-quantitative studies such as the visual examination of RNA gels, Northern blot densitometry or semi-quantitative PCR ( PCR mimics ).


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