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  1. Then an efficient and more accurate nonlinear finite element procedure based on the plastic node method ( pnm ) by combining elastic large displacement analysis theories with a plastic hinge model is presented to analyze the ultimate strength , directly accounting for the geometrical and material non - linearity and the influence of initial deformation and residual stress
  2. Code for design of steel structure gb50017 - 2003 , the being employed code in china , has codified the basic theory about second - order analysis , but there is no criteria about second - order drift , and the drift limits in the code can be only used in first - order lateral displacements analysis . therefore , it is urgently that researches are needed on second - order drift analysis and on how to establish the new limits for second - order drift . it ’ s a practical problem that researching how to establish second - order drift limits , and some conditions relative practical engineering are required to be taken into account
  3. This system provides photo elastic , moire , holographic , speckle technology contained in optical measure strain and displacement analysis software interface , and mainly realizes photo elastic image collection , interference image pretreatment , automatic skeleton extract method , automatic main strain trace protraction method and planar photo elastic image strain analysis function . all the work that the author has done has established a good foundation for more realization of an intact optical measure image strain analysis software system . furthermore , engineer and lab assistant can quickly obtain concise , intuitionistic and quantificational information
  4. Method of inverse displacement analysis for hybrid twe pmts is a1so given . an analytical method , which is based on surface analysis , for workspace - analysis of 6 - sps type pmts is proposed in this dissertation . topological diagram of workspace for 6 - sps type pmts is derived , the equations of workspace boundny surfaces for 6 - sps type pmts are also derived based on the kinematic characteristic of the pmts
  5. A curved beam element is proposed for the elastic and elasto - plastic large - displacement analysis of thin - walled curved beams based on the new developed nonlinear theory . using polynomial displacement functions , the proposed element includes the second order effect associated with geometric and material nonlinearities


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